Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Workshop "subRiemannian geometry and beyond, III", 19th - 23rd June, 2023.

created by ledonne on 15 Nov 2022

19 jun 2023 - 23 jun 2023   [open in google calendar]

De Giorgi Center, SNS, Pisa.

It will be the first part of a two-week long event at the De Giorgi Center, Pisa. This first meeting is the 3rd organized within the ERC project GeoMeG (Geometry of Metric Groups). The general plan is to bring together international researchers working in various areas of mathematics with connections to sub-Riemannian geometry or, more generally, metric geometry. The idea for this meeting is to focus on the large-scale geometry of nilpotent groups, Heintze groups and their boundaries, and the geometry of solvable groups or, more generally, the large-scale geometry of Lie groups. There will be introductory courses in the first two days, and conference talks for the next 3 days. https:/

Organizers: Enrico Le Donne.