Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Recent trends in Geometric analysis and applications

created by malchiodi on 10 Aug 2019
modified on 22 Nov 2019

25 nov 2019 - 28 nov 2019   [open in google calendar]

Pisa: Centro De Giorgi

We want to focus on interactions between analysis and geometry. This is a particularly active trend in recent decades, with fertile exchanges of ideas between the two different disciplines.

We would like to deal in particular with topics such as: minimal surfaces, conformal geometry, sharp geometric inequalities, surface energies depending on curvature, geometric flows, diffuse approximations of area functionals, and applications.

Organizers: Andrea Malchiodi, Luciano Mari, Luca Martinazzi.

Speakers: Luis J. Alias, Paolo Caldiroli, Alice Chang, Isabel Fernandez, Paul Laurain, Enno Lenzmann, Jorge Lira, Niels Martin Møller, Barbara Nelli, Matteo Novaga, Stefano Pigola, Tristan Rivière, David Ruiz, Felix Schulze, Gabriella Tarantello, Pierre-Damien Thizy, Giuseppe Tinaglia.