Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

People in Optimal Transportation and Applications

created by dimarino on 11 Mar 2019

24 jun 2019 - 28 jun 2019   [open in google calendar]

Cortona, Palazzone della Normale

In the last 20 years, the theory of Optimal Transportation (OT) has emerged as a fertile field of inquiry, and a diverse tool for exploring applications within and beyond mathematics, in such diverse fields as economics, meteorology, geometry, statistics, fluid mechanics, design problems and engineering. This meeting is to be considered within this ever growing line of research on available applications of OT. The idea of this workshop is to bring together expert researcher of peculiar fields such as DFT, mathematical physics or evolution equation in biology, with experts in the optimal transport theory. We believe that enabling discussions among these people can shed new light and insights on the side of applications as well as bring new and challenging problems in the OT theory. We would like to focus our attention on some instances of applications of the Optimal Transportation Theory:

- Density Functional Theory (applications in quantum chemistry)
- Economics and Finance
- Mathematical Physics
- Crowd and population dynamics, applications in biology and collective motion
- Game theory and Mean Field Games
- Data sciences and signal processing

Support for several young partecipants is available:

Organizers: Luigi De Pascale, Simone Di Marino, Filippo Santambrogio.

Speakers: Yann Brenier, Thierry Champion, Codina Cotar, Marco Cuturi, Marco Di Francesco, Gero Friesecke, Alfred Galichon, Mikaela Iacobelli, Chloé Jimenez, Mathieu Lewin, Bertrand Maury, Alpár R. Mészáros, Luca Nenna, Brendan Pass, Bernhard Schmitzer, Gabriele Sicuro, Justin Solomon, François-Xavier Vialard, Dmitry Vorotnikov.