Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Singular Phenomena and Singular Geometries

created by magnani on 04 Mar 2016
modified on 28 Apr 2017

20 jun 2016 - 23 jun 2016   [open in google calendar]

Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa

The purpose of this workshop is to investigate possible connections between Rough Paths theory and sub-Riemannian geometry, as theories dealing with non-smooth mathematical structures. It will bring together experts and young researchers from both sides, to share knowledge and confront new ideas, tools and problems. The workshop will consist in two mini-courses and several thematic seminars. The courses will introduce some general aspects of rough path theory and subelliptic geometry. The seminars will be more focused on recent advances in sub-Riemannian Geometry.

Organizers: Valentino Magnani, Marco Romito, Dario Trevisan.

Speakers: Ismaƫl Bailleul, Davide Barilari, Giovanna Citti, Bruno Franchi, Massimiliano Gubinelli, Piotr Hajlasz, Christian Litterer, Francescopaolo Montefalcone, Roberto Monti, Andrea Pinamonti, Sebastian Riedel, Francesco Serra Cassano.