Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Variational Problems With Multiple Scales

created by leaci on 18 Jan 2012
modified on 28 Apr 2017

6 jun 2012 - 8 jun 2012   [open in google calendar]

Otranto (LE), Hotel degli Haethey

This Conference will focus on Calculus of Variations and PDE's with applications to Image Processing and Continuum Mechanics, with contributions from leading experts in the fields.

Organizers: Gianni Dal Maso, Antonio Leaci, Franco Tomarelli.

Speakers: Andrea Braides, M. Carriero, Vicent Caselles, Antonio DeSimone, S. Esedoglu, Irene Fonseca, Ilaria FragalĂ , Gilles A. Francfort, Adriana Garroni, Christopher J. Larsen, Riccardo March, Simon Masnou, Michael Ortiz, Danilo Percivale, Lev Truskinovsky.