Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Geometric PDEs and applications

created by novaga on 13 Jan 2012
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19 apr 2012 - 20 apr 2012   [open in google calendar]

University of Padova, Department of Mathematics

Geometric evolution equations attracted a lot of attention in the last few years, and stimulated the development of new mathematical tools motivated by several models in biology, physics, and material science.

Aim of this workshop is to gather a selected number of experts and offer an up-to-date account of the main advances in this and related fields.

A wide range of topics will be covered including front propagation, homogenization and singular perturbation problems, shape optimization, image processing.

Organizers: Annalisa Cesaroni, Matteo Novaga, Luca Rossi.

Speakers: Vicent Caselles, Antonin Chambolle, Nicholas Dirr, Fran├žois Hamel, Bernd Kawohl, Maurizio Paolini, V. Roussier, Antonio Siconolfi, Y. Sire, Pierpaolo Soravia.