Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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C. De Lellis - E. Spadaro - L. Spolaor

Regularity theory for $2$-dimensional almost minimal currents III: blowup

created by delellis on 21 Aug 2015
modified on 19 Sep 2015



Inserted: 21 aug 2015
Last Updated: 19 sep 2015

Year: 2015


We analyze the asymptotic behavior of a $2$-dimensional integral current which is almost minimizing in a suitable sense at a singular point. Our analysis is the second half of an argument which shows the discreteness of the singular set for the following three classes of $2$-dimensional currents: area minimizing in Riemannian manifolds, semicalibrated and spherical cross sections of $3$-dimensional area minimizing cones.

Keywords: regularity, integral currents, area minimizing, semicalibrations


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