Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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The Perona-Malik paradox

Massimo Gobbino (Dip. Ing. Civ. e Ind. Univ. Pisa)

created by depascal on 08 Mar 2009

11 mar 2009


Mercoledi' 11 marzo 2009 Ore 16,30, Sala riunioni, Dipartimento di Matematica

Prof. Massimo Gobbino (Univ. di Pisa)

Title: The Perona-Malik paradox

The Perona-Malik equation is the prototype of "forward-backward" parabolic equations. It is the formal gradient flow of an integral functional with non -convex integrand. From the analytic point of view one expect that an ill-posed problem. However numerical simulations presents an unexpected stability. This is known in the literature as "Perona-Malik paradox".

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