Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

The sharp quantitative estimate for the isoperiometric inequality

Aldo Pratelli (University of Pisa)

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24 nov 2005


Dear All,

next Thursday, 24 November, at 17:30 in ``Sala dei Seminari'' of the Department of Mathematics

Aldo Pratelli, from Pavia University will present

``The sharp quantitative estimate for the isoperiometric inequality''

The abstract follows.

The classical isoperimetric inequality states that, given a set E in Rn with the same volume of the unit ball B, the perimeter P(E) of E is greater than the perimeter P(B) of B. Moreover, if the isoperimetric deficit D(E)=P(E)-P(B) equals 0, than E coincides with (a translation of) B. A quantitative version of the isoperimetric inequality consists in showing that L(E)<D(E)p, where the Fraenkel asymmetry L(E) of E is defined as the volume of the symmetric difference between E and a suitable translation of B (the translation minimizing L(E)!). We will prove the above inequality with p=12, showing also that this is sharp; this result gives a positive answer to a to a conjecture by Hall (given also, in a weaker version, by Bonnesen).