Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Characterizations of sets of finite perimeter: old and recent results

Luigi Ambrosio (SNS Pisa)

created by magnani on 25 Nov 2014

3 dec 2014 -- 17:30   [open in google calendar]

Sala Seminari (Dipartimento di Matematica)


In my lecture I will illustrate a recent work (in collaboration with J.Bourgain, H.Brezis, A.Figalli) on the characterization of the perimeter and of sets of finite perimeter in terms of a $BMO$-like seminorm, solving positively a question raised in a earlier and recent work of H.Brezis, J.Bourgain and P.Mironescu. I will more generally compare this with other distributional and non-distributional criteria for the finiteness of perimeter.

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