Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Quasi-static evolution and contact angle hysteresis in capillarity

Giovanni Alberti (Dip. Mat. Univ. Pisa)

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16 feb 2011


Dipartimento di Matematica - Sala Seminari - ore 17:00

ABSTRACT: In the first part of this talk, I will recall the notion of quasi-static evolution (or rate-independent dissipative process) focusing on the simple model of a point mass subject to dry (or contact), and then describe the standard approach to existence results by time-discretization. In the second part, I will show how the hysteresis of contact angle of a capillary drop sitting on a solid surface can be modelled by introducing a simple frictional force on the contact line. If time permits, I will describe the existence result for the corresponding quasi-static evolution. This is a joint work with Antonio De Simone (SISSA).