Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Evolution problems for polyconvex functionals

Luigi Ambrosio (SNS Pisa)

created by alberti on 15 Nov 2004

15 nov 2004


calcvar seminar

when: Mercoledì 17 novembre, ore 17.00 Wednesday, November 17, at 5 pm

where: Dipartimento di Matematica, sala delle riunioni

who: Luigi Ambrosio (SNS)

title: Problemi di evoluzione per funzionali policonvessi Evolution problems for polyconvex functionals

abstract: In a recent paper, Evans, Gangbo, and Savin constructed regular solution for the gradient flow (with respect to the $L^2$ metric) associated to the functional $ \int F(\det \nabla u)$,  with $F$ convex. This solution is not obtained by variational schemes (minimizing movements, implicit Euler, etc.), but it is possible to show a certain compatibility. The convergence of variational schemes in more general situations is still an open problem.

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