Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

FAPESP-Postdoc Position at the Inst. Math. Stat. of the University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

created by nardulli on 26 Feb 2024

Deadline: 30 jun 2024

We are pleased to announce the availability of a Postdoctoral position in Mathematics, anticipated to span from one to three years, based in São Paulo. This opportunity falls under the esteemed guidance of Paolo Piccione and Stefano Nardulli, focusing on the disciplines of Geometric Analysis, Calculus of Variations, and Geometric Measure Theory. The primary research emphasis will be on regularity theory for varifolds, currents, and finite perimeters that emerge as solutions to geometric variational problems within both smooth and non-smooth frameworks.

This position is supported by the grant titled "Modern Methods in Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis," FAPESP grant number 2216097-2. The selected candidate will be offered a competitive salary of R$ 9,500 per month (approximately 2,000 USD per month), in addition to R$ 48,000 (around 10,000 USD) allocated for participation in conferences relevant to the project's focus. Furthermore, there exists the potential for spending one of the three years at an international institution, contingent upon the candidate's performance during the initial year and subsequent approval by both the supervising team and the FAPESP examining board. Should the cost of living in a chosen foreign country exceed expectations, FAPESP is committed to covering the additional expenses incurred on a fixed pre-established base (established by FAPESP) depending on the hosting country and city.

The position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been selected. We encourage interested individuals to apply promptly to join our dynamic research team in advancing the frontiers of mathematics. Contact: