Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

1-year postdoc position in Geometric Analysis in Turin (NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!)

created by mari1 on 03 Nov 2023
modified on 20 Nov 2023

Deadline: 23 nov 2023

We are pleased to announce a postdoctoral position for 12 months (``assegno di ricerca") at the University of Turin, funded by the PRIN project "Differential-geometric aspects of manifolds via Global Analysis”, to work in the research group of Reto Buzano, Luciano Mari and Luigi Vezzoni. The position comes with a salary of about 1600 euros per month after taxes, with social security and national healthcare included.

We search for candidates with a solid background in Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis. The candidate is expected to carry out research on topics within the project that are related (not exclusively) to the following mainstreams:

- geometric flows (Ricci and generalized Ricci flows, mean and inverse mean curvature flows, flows of special metrics),

- manifolds with prescribed curvature bounds (Einstein-type structures, static manifolds in General Relativity, Calabi-type conjectures, submanifolds with prescribed mean curvature, curvature measures and related rigidity results for nonsmooth hypersurfaces)

- isoperimetric and overdetermined problems.

LATEST UPDATE: the call has been modified due to a bureaucratic mistake (please see the link to the "online procedure"). Differently from what was announced, we shall emphasize that CANDIDATES CAN HOLD THE INTERVIEW IN ONLINE MODE. They should contact the committee by sending an email to , and they will receive the webex link.