Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Assistant Professor (RTDa) positions at Università degli studi di Trento

created by carlotto on 15 Nov 2022

Deadline: 15 dec 2022

We invite applications for two faculty appointments, at the level of Assistant Professor (ricercatore universitario di tipo A), to start approximately between June and September 2023, funded by the ERC research project CHANGE led by Prof. Alessandro Carlotto. These positions come with a competitive salary and minimal teaching duties, so to provide highly promising young mathematicians maximal flexibility to pursue their research in an ideal environment. The initial appointment is three years.

Applicants must have completed their doctoral studies by the start date of the appointment; they are expected to have a solid background in Geometric Analysis plus some significant research experience in the same area. In the comparative assessment of all applicants, preference will be given to those with specific experience in the scientific domain of the ERC CHANGE research project; more specifically, this position is suited for researchers in Geometric Analysis who have already significantly contributed to one of the following two fields: i) minimal surfaces; themes of special interest being the construction of minimal surfaces (closed or free boundary) by means of variational or gluing methods, Morse index estimates, min-max methods for the area functional; ii) positive scalar curvature manifolds, mainly in presence of spin structures (Dirac operators and associated invariants). Please refer to the first link below for further information on the project.

Teaching duties: at most 30 hours of in-classroom teaching per academic year, either for the Master programs of the University, or in the context of the PhD program in Mathematics, depending on the specific needs of the Department of Mathematics. Please note that these courses are taught in English, so that prior knowledge of Italian is not required nor expected.

We inform potential applicants that those candidates who can provide proof of research and teaching activity abroad (i.e., outside of Italy) for at least two consecutive years will typically qualify for the “Rientro dei cervelli” program of the Italian government, which allows for very favourable tax conditions, hence resulting in a significantly higher net salary (at an internationally competitive level for any positions of this rank).

For full consideration, candidates should apply, no later than December 15th 2022, through the (orange) link provided in the page below (please then opt for the application form in English, when appropriate).