Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Master students scholarships in Western France, with a view towards a PhD

created by tewodrose on 31 Oct 2022

Deadline: 1 mar 2023

The Centre Henri Lebesgue (CHL, Western France: Bretagne and Pays de la Loire) and the regional program Ambition Lebesgue Loire (ALL) will offer next year around 10 scholarships for master students (2nd year Master students for the CHL, 1st and (or) 2nd year Master students for ALL) who wish to pursue with a PhD in Fundamental and Applied Mathematics in various pathways: Algebra-Geometry; Analysis-Probability; Modelisation, Numerical Analysis, Scientific Calculus; Statistical engineering.

Courses in the second year are taught in English when at least one non-French speaking student attends the classes.

Key informations:

- selection of application based on excellence via the website of the Center Henri Lebesgue only (see the link towards the Application form below)

- applications are open until the 1st of March

- scholarship amounts to 1000€ per month per student for 10 months (September until June)

- important note for international students: you must check and follow the so-called "Etudes en France" procedure applicable for your country, especially deadlines (see the link towards the "Etudes en France" application form below). The Lebesgue application is not the "Etudes en France" application. You must do both.

Thank you in advance for forwarding this announcement to students who could be interested in joining our programs and to colleagues which may know students interested in coming to France for their master studies.

For more information, please write to