Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

PhD positions at Università di Trento - ERC project CHANGE

created by carlotto on 16 May 2022
modified on 02 Aug 2022

Deadline: 25 aug 2022

The fellowship is meant for distinguished candidates wishing to be introduced to some central themes of research in the field of Geometric Analysis under the direction of Prof. Alessandro Carlotto, who serves as principal investigator for the European project in question. Some focus topics are the study of minimal surfaces (in different contexts), the study of scalar curvature constraints, and the interplay between the two things possibly in connection with the investigation of initial data sets for the Einstein field equations.

Ideal candidate: fluency with the ideas and methods of Riemannian Geometry on the one hand, and partial differential equations (mainly of elliptic and parabolic type, plus standard background on Functional Analysis and Sobolev spaces) on the other hand are a must. Additional, more specific background (such as, for instance: some working knowledge of Geometric Measure Theory, variational and Morse-theoretic methods for nonlinear problems, or perhaps a first exposure to mathematical aspects of General Relativity) although not strictly necessary, may be a plus. The ideal candidate is expected to display a high degree of commitment and motivation for mathematical research.

Potential candidates are also encouraged to directly contact the principal investigator of the project for further information. Applications are to be made following the link above, through the portal of Università di Trento (make sure to explicitly indicate your willingness to compete for this specific fellowship).