Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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ICTP's Mathematics Section is hiring a Research Scientist

created by paolini on 07 Dec 2014

Deadline: 31 dec 2014

ICTP's Mathematics section has announced an opportunity for a research scientist. The incumbent will initiate, develop and coordinate competitive research and training programmes in a branch of pure or applied Mathematics, preferably one that complements fields currently covered at ICTP. Essential responsibilities include:

To undertake front-line research in a branch of pure or applied Mathematics, preferably one that complements fields currently covered at ICTP, including partial differential equations, numerical analysis and probability. To suggest, develop and help realize projects related to his/her field, with particular emphasis on visitors from developing countries. To establish wide cooperation with scientists from developing countries, to identify the scientific needs of developing countries in his/her field of expertise and to formulate the appropriate recommendations for incorporation within ICTP's programmes. To act as a liaison between the Mathematics group and other groups around the world, where front-line research is conducted in his/her areas of expertise. To report on results of the research at major international meetings. To lecture in the Mathematics Diploma and other programmes, to supervise Diploma theses and to participate in joint PhD programmes with Italian institutions. To assist the Supervisor in reviewing applications and make selection of post-doctoral fellows, visitors and associates. To assist visitors during their stay in the Centre. To assist the Supervisor in the organization of ICTP scientific meetings as well as training programmes (schools, lecture courses) in the field of his/her competence. The deadline for application is 31 December 2014. Details about education, work experience, how to apply, etc. can be downloaded and are available online on the ICTP Personnel webpage.

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