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Fri May 28 12:00:03 CEST 2021

Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---

* Seminars by: 


* New papers by: Magnabosco, De Nitti, Coclite, Dovetta, Neff, Marconi, Spinolo, Zuazua, Lewintan, Teplitskaya, Bárcena-Petisco, Cavalcante, Pallier, Rigoni

* Modified papers by: Lazzaroni, Cavaterra, Freddi, Brasco, Lussardi, Marconi, Greco, Moscariello, Farroni, Bonicatto, Zecca, Alicandro, Bonetti, De Rosa, Riva, Palombaro, Taylor, Canevari

--- Events next week ---

* Incontri di Analisi Matematica tra Firenze, Pisa e Siena
  Fri 4 June 2021 - Fri 4 June 2021


--- Seminars next week ---

Tue 1 June 2021

* Please write to Andrea.pinamonti at unitn.it or to Andrea.marchese at unitn if you want to attend the seminar.
Daniele Semola (University of Oxford): Boundary regularity and stability under lower Ricci curvature bounds
  Zoom seminari, 14:30


--- New Papers ---

* Bárcena-Petisco, Cavalcante, Coclite, De Nitti, Zuazua: Control of hyperbolic and parabolic equations on networks and singular limits

* Dovetta, Marconi, Spinolo: Initial-boundary value problems for merely bounded nearly incompressible vector fields in one space dimension

* Pallier: On the logarithmic coarse structures of Lie groups and hyperbolic spaces

* Lewintan, Neff: L^p -trace-free version of the generalized Korn inequality for incompatible tensor fields in arbitrary dimensions

* Lewintan: A coordinate-free view on “the” generalized cross product

* Magnabosco, Rigoni: Optimal maps and local-to-global property in negative dimensional spaces
  with Ricci curvature bounded from below

* Teplitskaya: On regularity of maximal distance minimizers

--- Modified Papers ---

* De Rosa, Lussardi: On the anisotropic Kirchhoff-Plateau problem

* Bonicatto, Marconi: Regularity estimates for the flow of BV autonomous divergence free vector fields in $\mathbb{R}^2$

* Alicandro, Lazzaroni, Palombaro: Derivation of linear elasticity for a general class of atomistic energies

* Bonetti, Cavaterra, Freddi, Riva: On a phase field model of damage for hybrid laminates with cohesive interface

* Farroni, Greco, Moscariello, Zecca: Nonlinear evolution problems with singular coefficients in the lower  order terms

* Marconi: Rectifiability of entropy defect measures in a micromagnetics model

* Canevari, Taylor: Hölder regularity and convergence for a non-local model of nematic  liquid crystals in the large-domain limit

* Brasco: Convex duality for principal frequencies

--- Open Positions ---

* PostDoc Position in Geometric Analysis (deadline: Tue 1 June 2021)

* Researcher position at UniFI (deadline: Thu 3 June 2021)

* Women in STEM Dissertation Award – IV Edizione (deadline: Fri 4 June 2021)

* 1 Posizione di Ricercatore TD Tipo B - Mat/05 - Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Univ. degli studi di Milano (deadline: Fri 4 June 2021)

* PhD position in inverse problems at Klagenfurt University (deadline: Wed 9 June 2021)

* PhD researcher in Mathematics (NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal) (deadline: Wed 9 June 2021)

* PhD positions at University of Udine (deadline: Wed 16 June 2021)

* Recruitment of Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University (SEU-Yau Center)  Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

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