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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Prinari, Hirsch, Stuvard, Buttazzo, Marchese, Pinamonti, Spolaor, Briani, Grande, Biagi, De Lellis, Vecchi

* Modified papers by: Maor, Chambolle, Kreutz, Carioni, Kesavan, Bartolucci, ANOOP, ANOOP, Jevnikar, Bousquet, Cesaroni, Fanzon, Stromqvist, Burger, Romero, Mora, Bredies, Cicalese, Kröner, Brasco, Bach, ASHOK KUMAR, Bungert, Lindgren, Lewintan, Leone, Mayer, Verde, Neff, Malchiodi, Novaga, Orlando

--- New Papers ---

* Grande: A stochastic representation for the solution of approximated mean
  curvature flow

* Biagi, Pinamonti, Vecchi: Sublinear equations driven by Hormander operators

* De Lellis, Hirsch, Marchese, Spolaor, Stuvard: Area minimizing hypersurfaces modulo $p$: a geometric free-boundary problem

* Briani, Buttazzo, Prinari: Inequalities between torsional rigidity and principal eigenvalue of the $p$-Laplacian

--- Modified Papers ---

* Bungert, Burger, Chambolle, Novaga: Nonlinear Spectral Decompositions by Gradient Flows of One-Homogeneous Functionals

* Brasco, Lindgren, Stromqvist: Continuity of solutions to a nonlinear fractional diffusion equation

* Bredies, Carioni, Fanzon, Romero: On the extremal points of the ball of the Benamou-Brenier energy

* Malchiodi, Mayer: Prescribing Morse scalar curvatures: pinching and Morse theory

* Lewintan, Neff: Nečas-Lions lemma revisited: An $L^p$-version of the generalized Korn inequality for incompatible tensor fields

* Bach, Cicalese, Kreutz, Orlando: The antiferromagnetic XY model on the triangular lattice: chirality transitions at the surface scaling

* Bartolucci, Jevnikar: New universal estimates for free boundary problems arising in plasma physics

* Maor, Mora: Reference configurations vs. optimal rotations: a derivation of linear elasticity from finite elasticity for all traction forces

* ANOOP, ASHOK KUMAR, Kesavan: A shape variation result via the geometry of eigenfunctions

* ANOOP, ASHOK KUMAR: On reverse Faber-Krahn inequalities

* Bousquet, Brasco, Leone, Verde: Gradient estimates for an orthotropic nonlinear diffusion equation

* Cesaroni, Kröner, Novaga: Anisotropic  mean curvature flow of Lipschitz graphs and convergence to self-similar solutions

--- Open Positions ---

* Post-doc at the University of Pisa on the project ERC VAREG "Variational approach to the regularity of the free boundaries" (deadline: Fri 21 May 2021)

* PostDoc Position in Geometric Analysis (deadline: Tue 1 June 2021)

* (NEW) Researcher position at UniFI (deadline: Thu 3 June 2021)

* Women in STEM Dissertation Award – IV Edizione (deadline: Fri 4 June 2021)

* 1 Posizione di Ricercatore TD Tipo B - Mat/05 - Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Univ. degli studi di Milano (deadline: Fri 4 June 2021)

* PhD position in inverse problems at Klagenfurt University (deadline: Wed 9 June 2021)

* PhD researcher in Mathematics (NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal) (deadline: Wed 9 June 2021)

* PhD positions at University of Udine (deadline: Wed 16 June 2021)

* Recruitment of Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University (SEU-Yau Center)  Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

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