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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Scilla, Gigli, Nobili, Mainini, Percivale, Tribuzio, Braides, Bulanyi, Leccese, Magnani
* Modified papers by: Pflug, Coron, Solci, Pinamonti, Onoue, Takasao, Alicandro, Scienza, Pallara, Cesaroni, Pluda, La Manna, Tiberio, Friedrich, Braides, Speight, Kruzik, Cito, Cicalese, Grandi, Bach, Ponsiglione, Stefanelli, De Luca, Capolli , Piatnitski, Keimer, Coclite, De Nitti, Bourne, Magnani, Mainini, Trevisan, Piovano, Zeppieri, Giga, Cristoferi, Novaga, Carbotti

--- News ---
* 2+1 RTDA Mat/05 Positions - Math. Dept. Univ. Napoli Federico II

--- New Papers ---
* Leccese, Magnani: A study of measure-theoretic area formulas
* Gigli, Nobili: A differential perspective on Gradient Flows on ${\sf  CAT}(κ)$-spaces and applications
* Braides, Scilla, Tribuzio: Nucleation and growth of lattice crystals
* Mainini, Percivale: Sharp conditions for the linearization of finite elasticity
* Bulanyi: Partial regularity for the optimal $p$-compliance problem with length penalization
* Bulanyi: On the importance of the connectedness assumption in the statement of the optimal $p$-compliance problem

--- Modified Papers ---
* Magnani, Scienza: Regularity estimates for convex functions in Carnot-Carathéodory spaces
* Magnani: On a measure-theoretic area formula
* Magnani, Trevisan: On Lipschitz vector fields and the Cauchy problem in homogeneous groups
* Bach, Braides, Zeppieri: Quantitative analysis of finite-difference approximations of free-discontinuity problems
* Novaga, Pluda: Elastic networks, statics and dynamics
* Bach, Braides, Cicalese: Discrete-to-continuum limits of multi-body systems with bulk and surface long-range interactions
* Capolli , Pinamonti, Speight: A $C^m$ Lusin Approximation Theorem for Horizontal Curves in the Heisenberg Group
* Braides, Piatnitski: Homogenization of random convolution energies in heterogeneous and perforated domains
* Friedrich, Mainini, Piovano: Atomistic potentials and the Cauchy-Born rule for carbon nanotubes: a review
* Braides, Solci: Compactness by coarse-graining in long-range lattice systems
* Giga, Onoue, Takasao: A varifold formulation of mean curvature  ow with Dirichlet or dynamic boundary conditions
* Magnani, Tiberio: A remark on vanishing geodesic distances in infinite dimensions
* Cesaroni, De Luca, Novaga, Ponsiglione: Stability results for nonlocal geometric evolutions and limit cases for fractional mean curvature flows
* Grandi, Kruzik, Mainini, Stefanelli: Equilibrium for multiphase solids with Eulerian interfaces
* Carbotti, Cito, La Manna, Pallara: A quantitative dimension free isoperimetric inequality for the Gaussian Fractional Perimeter
* Alicandro, Braides, Cicalese, De Luca, Piatnitski: Topological singularities in periodic media: Ginzburg-Landau and core-radius approaches
* Bourne, Cristoferi: Asymptotic optimality of the triangular lattice for a class of optimal location problems
* Coclite, Coron, De Nitti, Keimer, Pflug: A general result on the approximation of local conservation laws by nonlocal conservation laws: The singular limit problem for exponential kernels

--- Open Positions ---
* Postdoc in Applied Analysis at Heriot-Watt University (deadline: Mon 4 January 2021)

* Ricercatore TD L. 240/2010 tipo A - Trento (deadline: Thu 14 January 2021)

* ERC Postdoctoral contract in geometric analysis of sub-Riemannian spaces (deadline: Fri 15 January 2021)

* Post-doc position in Geometric Analysis in Freiburg (deadline: Fri 15 January 2021)

* PhD student positions at Imperial College London (deadline: Fri 15 January 2021)

* Postdoc Position at the University of Bristol (deadline: Tue 19 January 2021)

* (NEW) 2+1 Posizioni di Ricercatore TD Tipo A - Mat/05 - Dipartimento di  Matematica dell'Univ. di Napoli Federico II (deadline: Thu 21 January 2021)

* PGSM Master fellowships in Paris (deadline: Fri 22 January 2021)

* (NEW) postdoc position at the National Taiwan Normal University (with Ulrich Menne) (deadline: Sun 24 January 2021)

* 4 Postdoc and 12 PhD positions in the research group "Symplectic structures in geometry, algebra and dynamics" (deadline: Sun 31 January 2021)

* Postdoc in varie aree - Trento (deadline: Mon 1 February 2021)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Thu 11 February 2021)

* MathInParis2020 - Doctoral Training in Mathematical Sciences in Paris (deadline: Sat 13 February 2021)
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