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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Grandi, Goldman, Friedrich, Bressan, Crismale, Stefanelli, Ciani, Chiri, Caroccia, Kruzik, Davoli, Solombrino, Mainini, Ancona
* Modified papers by: Goldman, Otto, Millot, Merlet, De Philippis, Riva, Huesmann

--- News ---
* Bando per 6 posti di Dottorato in "Mathematical and Physical Sciences for Advanced Materials and Technologies" alla SSM di Napoli

* upgrade

* 6 PhD positions in "Mathematical and Physical Sciences for Advanced Materials and Technologies" at the SSM of Napoli

--- Events next week ---
* Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs & Applications
  Mon 18 May 2020 - Fri 22 May 2020
  Protaras, Cyprus

* Mini Courses: Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Beyond, III. A gist on Lie groups in Pisa
  Tue 19 May 2020 - Sat 23 May 2020
  Pisa: Centro De Giorgi

--- New Papers ---
* Davoli, Friedrich: Two-well linearization for solid-solid phase transitions
* Goldman: An $\varepsilon-$regularity result for  optimal transport maps between continuous densities
* Ancona, Bressan, Chiri: Soil searching by an artificial root
* Ancona, Chiri: Attainable profiles for conservation laws with flux function spatially discontinuous at a single point
* Grandi, Kruzik, Mainini, Stefanelli: Equilibrium for multiphase solids with Eulerian interfaces
* Caroccia, Ciani: Contact surface of Cheeger sets
* Crismale, Friedrich, Solombrino: Integral representation for  energies  in linear elasticity  with surface discontinuities

--- Modified Papers ---
* Goldman, Merlet, Millot: A Ginzburg-Landau model with topologically induced free discontinuities
* Goldman, Huesmann, Otto: A large-scale regularity theory for the Monge-Ampère equation with rough data and application to the optimal matching problem
* De Philippis, Goldman: A two-point function approach to   connectedness of  drops in convex potentials
* Riva: On the approximation of quasistatic evolutions for the debonding of a thin film via vanishing inertia and viscosity

--- Open Positions ---
* Phd position in Vienna (deadline: Fri 15 May 2020)

* Postdoctoral position at the University of Cyprus (deadline: Fri 5 June 2020)

* Postdoc Position at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh (deadline: Fri 5 June 2020)

* Five PhD position at Roma Tor Vergata University (deadline: Wed 15 July 2020)

* Visiting Professor in Pure Mathematics at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (deadline: Wed 15 July 2020)

* PhD student positions at Imperial College London (deadline: Fri 15 January 2021)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Thu 11 February 2021)
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