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Tue Jan 21 14:01:23 CET 2020

SRGI conference: Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Interactions


Date: Monday, Sep  7, 2020 -- Friday, Sep 11, 2020

Place: Sorbonne Université, Faculté Pierre et Marie Curie (4 place Jussieu, Paris)

This conference is the final event of the ANR SRGI project. The objective of the conference is to cover all aspects of sub-Riemannian geometry, making a state-of-the-art of recent advances in the field, ranging over metric, geometric and spectral issues, harmonic analysis, control and observability, optimal transport, applications to imaging.

Organizing Commitee: D. Barilari, U. Boscain, Y. Chitour, D. Prandi, L. Rizzi, E. Trélat

Conference page: https://www.ljll.math.upmc.fr/~trelat/SRGI/SRGI_conference.html

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