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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Buttazzo, Maestre, Marconi, Braides, Piatnitski, Peletier, Casado-Diaz, Gavish, Nyquist, Piantoni
* Modified papers by: Cesaroni, Pluda, Mantegazza, Torres, Bardi, Lavenant, Comi, Chen, Topp, Stefani, Focardi, Spadaro, Del Nin, Pozzetta, Castorina

--- Events next week ---
* International conference on Geometric Analysis dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician Yu. G. Reshetnyak
  Sun 22 September 2019 - Sat 28 September 2019
  Novosibirsk, Russia

* "Shape optimization, Isoperimetric and Functional Inequalities"
  Sun 22 September 2019 - Fri 27 September 2019
  Levico Terme (TN)

* Hausdorff School “Modeling and Analysis of Evolutionary Problems in Materials Science”
  Mon 23 September 2019 - Fri 27 September 2019
  Bonn, Germany

* Workshop "Recent advances in mass transportation"
  Mon 23 September 2019 - Fri 27 September 2019
  Moscow, Poncelet Center and Higher School of Economics

--- New Papers ---
* Buttazzo, Casado-Diaz, Maestre: On the existence of optimal potentials on unbounded domains
* Gavish, Nyquist, Peletier: Large deviations and gradient flows for the Brownian one-dimensional
  hard-rod system
* Braides, Piatnitski: Homogenization of random convolution energies in heterogeneous and perforated domains
* Marconi: On the structure of weak solutions to scalar conservation laws with finite entropy production
* Piantoni: Principi di Convessità ed applicazioni alle Equazioni Differenziali alle Derivate Parziali in domini convessi
* Braides, Piatnitski: Homogenization of quadratic convolution energies in periodically perforated domains

--- Modified Papers ---
* Castorina, Mantegazza: Ancient solutions of superlinear heat equations on Riemannian manifolds
* Bardi, Cesaroni, Topp: Cauchy problem and periodic homogenization   for nonlocal Hamilton-Jacobi equations with coercive gradient terms
* Chen, Comi, Torres: Cauchy Fluxes and Gauss-Green Formulas for Divergence-Measure Fields over General Open Sets
* Comi, Stefani: A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: existence of blow-up
* Focardi, Spadaro: The local structure of the free boundary in the fractional obstacle problem
* Del Nin, Pluda, Pozzetta: Degenerate elastic networks
* Lavenant: Unconditional convergence for discretizations of dynamical optimal transport

--- Open Positions ---
* REWIRE Fellowships at the University of Vienna (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* Two 5-Year Associate Professorships in Mathematics WWU Münster (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* Full Professorship in Stochastic Analysis WWU Münster (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* Two-year post doc position at WWU Münster, Germany (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* PhD position in Calculus of Variation at UCLouvain (deadline: Tue 1 October 2019)

* Associate Professor University of Trento (deadline: Thu 3 October 2019)

* (NEW) 3 positions of assistent professor (RTD-B), University of Rome, Sapienza (deadline: Thu 10 October 2019)

* Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics at EPFL Lausanne (deadline: Fri 1 November 2019)

* Postdoctoral Researcher at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology under Prof. Daniel Spector (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)
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