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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Squassina, Buttazzo, Catino, Chambolle, Runa, Neukamm, Rajala, De Pascale, Minlend, Pasqualetto, Tobasco, Behr, Gladbach, Kausamo, De Nitti, Conti, Champion, Thiam, Gazzola, Fischer, Olbermann, Bouchitté, Cito, Figalli, Orlandi, Iannizzotto, Mosconi, Bonicatto, Niang, Villa, Canevari, Lussardi, Jerison, Gerolin, Mastrolia, Müller
* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Ansini, Ranetbauer, Scarpa, Zimmer, De Ponti, De Philippis, Pratelli, Lani, Palmer, Morandotti, Braides, Davoli, Orlandi, Ghoussoub, Mondino, Bonafini, van Meurs, Dweik, van Leeuwen, Canevari, Trussardi, Nodargi, Gerolin, Oudet, Novaga, Gori-Giorgi

--- Events next week ---
* XI Workshop in Nonlinear Differential Equations
  Mon 29 July 2019 - Fri 2 August 2019
  RISM - Varese, Italy

--- New Papers ---
* Gerolin, Kausamo, Rajala: Multi-marginal Entropy-Transport with repulsive cost
* Bouchitté, Buttazzo, Champion, De Pascale: Relaxed multi-marginal costs and quantization effects
* Catino, Gazzola, Mastrolia: A conformal Yamabe problem with potential on the Euclidean space
* Canevari, Orlandi: Lifting for manifold-valued maps of bounded variation
* Figalli, Jerison: A sharp Freiman type estimate for semisums in two and three dimensional Euclidean spaces
* Iannizzotto, Mosconi, Squassina: Sobolev versus Holder minimizers for the degenerate fractional $p$-Laplacian
* Müller, Olbermann: Conical singularities in thin elastic sheets
* Müller, Olbermann: Almost conical deformations of thin sheets with rotational symmetry
* Neukamm, Olbermann: Homogenization of the nonlinear bending theory for plates
* Olbermann, Runa: Interpenetration of matter in plate theories obtained as Gamma-limits
* Olbermann: The one-dimensional model for d-cones revisited
* Olbermann: Energy scaling law for the regular cone
* Olbermann: Integrability of the Brouwer degree for irregular arguments
* Olbermann: Energy scaling law for a single disclination in a thin elastic sheet
* Conti, Olbermann, Tobasco: Symmetry breaking in indented elastic cones
* Behr, Olbermann: Extrinsic curvature of codimension one isometric immersions with
  Hölder continuous derivatives
* Olbermann: The shape of low energy configurations of a thin elastic sheet with a
  single disclination
* Olbermann: Michell trusses in two dimensions as a Gamma-limit of optimal design
  problems in linear elasticity
* Olbermann: On a boundary value problem for conically deformed thin elastic sheets
* Olbermann: On a $Γ$-limit of Willmore functionals with additional curvature
  penalization term
* Gladbach, Olbermann: Coarea formulae and chain rules for the Jacobian determinant in
  fractional Sobolev spaces
* Gladbach, Olbermann: Energy scaling for a conically constrained sector
* Cito: Existence and Regularity of Optimal Convex Shapes for Functionals Involving the Robin Eigenvalues
* Chambolle, Lussardi, Villa: Anisotropic tubular neighborhoods of sets
* Bonicatto, Pasqualetto, Rajala: Indecomposable sets of finite perimeter in doubling metric measure spaces
* De Nitti, Fischer: Sharp criteria for the waiting time phenomenon in solutions to the
  thin-film equation
* Minlend, Niang, Thiam: Multiply-periodic hypersurfaces with constant nonlocal mean curvature

--- Modified Papers ---
* Ansini, Braides, Zimmer: Minimising movements for oscillating energies: the critical regime
* Bonafini, Orlandi, Oudet: Variational approximation of functionals defined on 1-dimensional connected sets: the planar case
* De Philippis, Pratelli: The closure of planar diffeomorphisms in Sobolev spaces
* Di Marino, Gerolin, Gori-Giorgi, Lani, van Leeuwen: The adiabatic strictly-correlated-electrons functional: kernel and exact  properties
* Morandotti, van Meurs: Discrete-to-continuum limits of particles with an annihilation rule
* Canevari, Orlandi: Topological singular set of vector-valued maps, I: Applications to manifold-constrained Sobolev and BV spaces
* Bonafini, Novaga, Orlandi: A variational scheme for hyperbolic obstacle problems
* De Ponti, Mondino: Sharp Cheeger-Buser type inequalities in $RCD(K,\infty)$ spaces
* Davoli, Ranetbauer, Scarpa, Trussardi: Degenerate nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard equations: well-posedness, regularity and  local asymptotics
* Dweik, Ghoussoub, Palmer: Optimal controlled transports with free end times subject to import/export tariffs
* Braides, Nodargi: Homogenization of cohesive fracture in masonry structures

--- Open Positions ---
* PhD Position at the University of Sussex (deadline: Wed 31 July 2019)

* ricercatori senior università di Siena (deadline: Thu 1 August 2019)

* (NEW) PhD positions at the Scuola Normale Superiore (deadline: Thu 29 August 2019)

* REWIRE Fellowships at the University of Vienna (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* (NEW) Two 5-Year Associate Professorships in Mathematics WWU Münster (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* (NEW) Full Professorship in Stochastic Analysis WWU Münster (deadline: Mon 30 September 2019)

* (NEW) PhD position in Calculus of Variation at UCLouvain (deadline: Tue 1 October 2019)
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