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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Scala, Bourne, Liu, Münch, Trevisan, Tribuzio, Peyerimhoff, Giacomo De Palma, Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Giacomo De Palma, Giacomo De Palma, Giacomo De Palma, Neklyudov, Giacomo De Palma, Musta, Pratelli, Gian Maria Dall'Ara, Cushing
* Modified papers by: Zapadinskaya, Ambrosio, Magnani, Conti, Trevisan, Bourne, Stra, De Rosa, Stepanov, Müller, Gioffrè

--- Events next week ---
* Harnack's inequalities and nonlinear operators. A conference to celebrate the 70th birthday of  Emmanuele DiBenedetto 
  Sun 18 June 2017 - Fri 23 June 2017
  Il Palazzone, Cortona (AR)

* Fourth Chicago Summer School In Analysis
  Mon 19 June 2017 - Fri 30 June 2017
  University of Chicago

* Variational Analysis and Equilibrium Models in Physical and Socio-Economic Phenomena
  Mon 19 June 2017 - Wed 21 June 2017

* Geometry of PDE's and related problems
  Mon 19 June 2017 - Fri 23 June 2017
  Cetraro (CS)

* Geometric Analysis on smooth and non-smooth spaces
  Mon 19 June 2017 - Fri 23 June 2017

* Summer School on Multi-Rate Processes, Slow-Fast Systems and Hysteresis
  Mon 19 June 2017 - Fri 23 June 2017
  DISMA Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche "Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange"

--- New Papers ---
* Giacomo De Palma, Trevisan: The Entropy Power Inequality with quantum memory
* Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Trevisan: Multimode Gaussian optimizers for the Wehrl entropy and quantum Gaussian
* Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Trevisan: Gaussian states minimize the output entropy of one-mode quantum Gaussian
* Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Trevisan: One-mode quantum-limited Gaussian channels have Gaussian maximizers
* Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Trevisan: Gaussian States Minimize the Output Entropy of the One-Mode Quantum
* Neklyudov, Trevisan: A particle system approach to cell-cell adhesion models
* Giacomo De Palma, Giovannetti, Trevisan: Passive states optimize the output of bosonic Gaussian quantum channels
* Musta, Pratelli, Trevisan: Functional Cramer-Rao bounds and Stein estimators in Sobolev spaces, for
  Brownian motion and Cox processes
* Trevisan: Well-posedness of Multidimensional Diffusion Processes with Weakly
  Differentiable Coefficients
* Trevisan: A short proof of Stein's universal multiplier theorem
* Trevisan: Lagrangian flows driven by $BV$ fields in Wiener spaces
* Gian Maria Dall'Ara, Trevisan: Uncertainty inequalities on groups and homogeneous spaces via
  isoperimetric inequalities
* Trevisan: Zero noise limits using local times
* Trevisan: BV-regularity for the Malliavin Derivative of the Maximum of the Wiener
* Trevisan: BV-capacities on Wiener Spaces and Regularity of the Maximum of the
  Wiener Process
* Pratelli, Trevisan: Functions of Bounded Variation on the Classical Wiener Space and an
  Extended Ocone-Karatzas Formula
* Tribuzio: Perturbations of Minimizing Movements and Curves of Maximal Slope
* Bourne, Cushing, Liu, Münch, Peyerimhoff: Ollivier-Ricci idleness functions of graphs
* Scala: Optimal estimates for the triple junction function and other surprising aspects of the area functional

--- Modified Papers ---
* Ambrosio, Trevisan: Well posedness of Lagrangian flows and continuity equations in metric
  measure spaces
* Magnani: A new differentiation, shape of the unit ball and perimeter measure
* Ambrosio, Trevisan: Lecture notes on the DiPerna-Lions theory in abstract measure spaces
* Magnani, Zapadinskaya: A Gromov's dimension comparison estimate for rectifiable sets
* Stepanov, Trevisan: Three superposition principles: currents, continuity equations and
  curves of measures
* Bourne, Conti, Müller: Folding patterns in partially delaminated thin films
* Bourne, Conti, Müller: Energy Bounds for a Compressed Elastic Film on a Substrate
* Ambrosio, Stra, Trevisan: Weak and strong convergence of derivations and stability of flows with
  respect to MGH convergence
* Magnani, Trevisan: On Lipschitz vector fields and the Cauchy problem in homogeneous groups
* Magnani, Stepanov, Trevisan: A rough calculus approach to level sets in the Heisenberg group
* Ambrosio, Stra, Trevisan: A PDE approach to a 2-dimensional matching problem
* De Rosa, Gioffrè: Quantitative stability for anisotropic nearly umbilical hypersurfaces

--- Open Positions ---
* Two postdocs, Mathematics Department, Padova (deadline: Wed 21 June 2017)

* (NEW) post-doc in computational and applied optimal transport (deadline: Fri 30 June 2017)

* 2 Postdoctoral Positions at the University of Vienna (deadline: Fri 30 June 2017)

* Assegno di Ricerca, Calcolo delle variazioni e analisi geometrica, Pisa (deadline: Sat 1 July 2017)

* (NEW) Post-doc and Ph.D. positions in Geometric Analysis in Freiburg (deadline: Sat 15 July 2017)
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