Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Summer School on Multi-Rate Processes, Slow-Fast Systems and Hysteresis

created by eleuteri1 on 28 Apr 2017

19 jun 2017 - 23 jun 2017   [open in google calendar]

DISMA Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche "Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange"

MURPHYS - MUlti-Rate Processes and HYSteresis - is a series of biennial conferences with focus on multiple scales, singular perturbations, phase transitions and hysteresis phenomena that can occur in many situations and settings (for instance in mathematics, physics, economics, engineering and so on).

HSFS - Hysteresis and Slow-Fast Systems refers to a series of workshops organized in the framework of the Collaborative Research Center 910 (Berlin), with the intention to focus on reaction-diffusion equations with hysteresis systems with different temporal and spatial scales and applications to self-organized nonlinear systems.

In April 2014 the first joint international multidisciplinary workshop MURPHYS-HSFS-2014 took place in Berlin (co-chair persons: Olaf Klein (Germany), Mihai Dimian (Romania), Pavel Gurevich (Germany), Dorothee Knees (Germany), Dmitrii Rachinskii (USA & Ireland), Sergey Tikhomirov (Germany)). The intent was to bring together experts and scientists actively researching in the area of mathematical theory and applications to systems with hysteresis and multiple scales systems.

In 2015 we completed this picture by organizing the first summer school in the related topic http:/ The intent has been to attract students and non-experts in the field with the idea to introduce them in the topics of hysteresis and multiple scale systems. We now hope to have at alternating years both the MURPHYS-HSFS events: summer schools and international workshops, in order to present an update picture of the current research directions.

Organizers: Vincenzo Recupero.

Speakers: Giovanni Colombo, Olaf Klein, Pavel Krejci, Alessandra Manzin, Vladimir Sobolev.

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