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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Catino, Pagliardini, Thomas, Cirant, Cesaroni, Pluda, Rossi, José A. Carrillo, Hoffmann, Delgadino, Valdinoci, Neumayer, Dipierro, Volzone, Degiovanni, De Rosa, Mihaila, Gioffrè, Massaccesi, Mainini, Alberti, Maggi, Novaga, Mastrolia
* Modified papers by: Muratov, Squassina, Buttazzo, Ottolini, Alberti, Neumayer, Pagliardini, Mazzoleni, Marchese, Ruffini, Chen, Velichkov, Chambolle, Liu, Zhang, Gerolin, Novaga, Mugnai, Figalli, Caponi, Pratelli

--- Events next week ---
* Ninth Summer School in Analysis and Applied Mathematics
  Mon 5 June 2017 - Fri 9 June 2017
  Rome, Sapienza University, Department of Mathematics

* Summer School on Modern Knot Theory
  Mon 5 June 2017 - Sat 10 June 2017

--- New Papers ---
* Hoffmann, José A. Carrillo, Mainini, Volzone: Ground States in the Diffusion-Dominated Regime
* Alberti, Massaccesi: On some geometric properties of currents and Frobenius theorem
* Delgadino, Maggi, Mihaila, Neumayer: Bubbling with $L^2$-almost constant mean curvature and an Alexandrov-type theorem for crystals
* Pagliardini: Minimality via second variation for a functional involving fractional perimeter
* Cesaroni, Cirant, Dipierro, Novaga, Valdinoci: On stationary fractional Mean Field Games 
* De Rosa, Gioffrè: Quantitative stability for anisotropic nearly umbilical hypersurfaces
* Degiovanni, Pluda: Nontrivial solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations with natural growth conditions
* Catino, Mastrolia: A potential generalization of some canonical Riemannian metrics
* Cesaroni, Cirant: Concentration of ground states in stationary Mean-Field Games systems: part I
* Rossi, Thomas: From nonlinear to linear elasticity in a coupled rate-dependent/independent system for  brittle delamination

--- Modified Papers ---
* Buttazzo, Gerolin, Ruffini, Velichkov: Optimal Potentials for Schrödinger Operators
* Alberti, Marchese: On the differentiability of Lipschitz functions with respect to measures in the Euclidean space
* Chen, Figalli: Boundary $\varepsilon$-regularity in optimal transportation
* Pagliardini: Multiplicity of critical points for the fractional Allen-Cahn energy
* Chambolle, Novaga, Ruffini: Some results on anisotropic fractional mean curvature flows
* Neumayer: A strong form of the quantitative Wulff inequality
* Muratov, Novaga, Ruffini: On equilibrium shapes of charged flat drops
* Mugnai, Pagliardini: Existence and multiplicity results for the fractional Laplacian in bounded domains
* Liu, Squassina, Zhang: Ground states for fractional Kirchhoff equations with critical nonlinearity in low dimension
* Caponi: Linear Hyperbolic Systems in Domains with Growing Cracks
* Alberti, Ottolini: On the structure of continua with finite length and Golab's semicontinuity theorem
* Mazzoleni, Pratelli: Some estimates for the higher eigenvalues of sets close to the ball

--- Open Positions ---
* Two postdocs, Mathematics Department, Padova (deadline: Wed 21 June 2017)

* 2 Postdoctoral Positions at the University of Vienna (deadline: Fri 30 June 2017)

* (NEW) Assegno di Ricerca, Calcolo delle variazioni e analisi geometrica, Pisa (deadline: Sat 1 July 2017)
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