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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Guionnet, Mantegazza, Marconi, Caravenna, Jerison, Figalli, Crippa, Bianchini, Castorina
* Modified papers by: Tamagnini, Braides, Ruffini, Maggi, Muratov, Gelli, Krummel, Novaga, Paolini

--- New Papers ---
* Castorina, Mantegazza: Ancient solutions of semilinear heat equations on Riemannian manifolds
* Bianchini, Marconi: On the concentration of entropy for scalar conservation laws
* Bianchini, Marconi: On the structure of $L^\infty$-entropy solutions to scalar conservation laws in one-space dimension
* Caravenna, Crippa: Uniqueness and Lagrangianity for solutions with low integrability of the continuity equation
* Figalli, Jerison: Quantitative stability of the Brunn-Minkowski inequality  for sets of  equal volume
* Figalli, Guionnet: Universality  in several-matrix models via approximate transport maps

--- Modified Papers ---
* Braides, Gelli: Asymptotic analysis of microscopic impenetrability constraints for atomistic systems
* Krummel, Maggi: Isoperimetry with upper mean curvature bounds and sharp stability estimates
* Muratov, Novaga, Ruffini: On equilibrium shapes of charged flat drops
* Paolini, Tamagnini: Minimal clusters of four planar regions with the same area
* : Minimal clusters of four planar regions with the same area

--- Open Positions ---
* Ricercatori a tempo determinato, tipo B (deadline: Thu 25 August 2016)

* (NEW) Ricercatore a tempo determinato, tipo B (deadline: Mon 29 August 2016)

* Position at Full Professor level in Giessen (deadline: Wed 31 August 2016)

* PhD studentship on Numerical methods for higher-order nonlinear partial differential equations (deadline: Thu 1 September 2016)

* Call for two positions at the level of Associate Professor (deadline: Mon 5 September 2016)
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