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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Percivale, Stefanelli, Franceschi, Mainini, Zappale, Bétermin, Petrache, Morandotti, Murakawa, Monteverde, Piovano, Oudet, Matias
* Modified papers by: Giacomelli, Pisante, Brasco, Crismale, Moll, Pinamonti, Leone, Verde, Scheven, Petitta, Schmidt

--- News ---
* ICTP-INdAM Research in Pairs in Mathematics

--- New Papers ---
* Matias, Morandotti, Zappale: Optimal design of fractured media with prescribed macroscopic strain
* Bétermin, Petrache: Dimension reduction techniques for theta functions on lattices 
* Franceschi: A minimal partition problem with trace constraint in the Grushin plane
* Franceschi: Sharp and Quantitative Isoperimetric Inequalities in Carnot-Carathéodory Spaces
* Mainini, Murakawa, Piovano, Stefanelli: Carbon-nanotube geometries as optimal configurations
* Mainini, Monteverde, Oudet, Percivale: Newton’s aerodynamic for non convex bodies

--- Modified Papers ---
* Crismale: Globally stable quasistatic evolution for strain gradient plasticity coupled with damage
* Scheven, Schmidt: An Anzellotti type pairing for divergence-measure fields and a notion of weakly super-1-harmonic functions
* Brasco, Leone, Pisante, Verde: Sobolev and Lipschitz regularity for local minimizers of widely degenerate anisotropic functionals
* Pinamonti: Multiple solutions for possibly degenerate equations in divergence form
* Giacomelli, Moll, Petitta: Optimal waiting time bounds for flux-saturated diffusion equations

--- Open Positions ---
* Temporary Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Durham University, UK (deadline: Wed 10 August 2016)

* Ricercatori a tempo determinato, tipo B (deadline: Thu 25 August 2016)

* (NEW) Position at Full Professor level in Giessen (deadline: Wed 31 August 2016)

* PhD studentship on Numerical methods for higher-order nonlinear partial differential equations (deadline: Thu 1 September 2016)

* Call for two positions at the level of Associate Professor (deadline: Mon 5 September 2016)
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