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Dear colleagues,
  Please forward the following announcement concerning a winter school 
on Nonlinear Function Spaces in Lyon.
  Best regards,
Petru Mironescu

*Nonlinear Function Spaces in Mathematics and Physical Sciences*
The winter school
Nonlinear Function Spaces in Mathematics and Physical Sciences
will take place at the University of Lyon in December 14th-18th 2015. 
The school is part of the Fall Semester 2015 in Analysis
organized by the University of Lyon and the Ecole Normale Superieure of 

*Brief description* Manifold-valued maps occur in material sciences 
(liquid crystals, superconductivity), physics (gauge theories) and 
mathematics (harmonic maps). The Winter School "Nonlinear Function 
Spaces in Mathematics and Physical Sciences" consists of five lectures 
delivered by leading experts, intended to Master and PhD students, as 
well as to researchers. The program goes from an introductory course on 
the basic tools in the study of nonlinear function spaces to very recent 
results on weak density problems. The school is intended to give junior 
participants a significant overview of the relevant problems, answers 
and tools, and all participants the opportunity to discuss the 
perspectives of the field. Afternoon is in part left to free discussions 
and open problems sessions.

  The five lectures (John Ball, Fabrice Bethuel, Robert Hardt, Augusto 
Ponce, Tristan Rivière) are partly accessible to master students (see 
additional information at the end of the message).

  The organizers strongly encourage young participants, for which there 
will be a substantial support, to attend the school.

  Looking forward to see you in Lyon,
The organizing committee
Pierre Bousquet, Petru Mironescu, Jean Van Schaftingen


John Ball (Oxford)
Function spaces for liquid crystals

Fabrice Bethuel (Paris 6)
 From singularities for Sobolev spaces into manifolds to branched 

Robert Hardt (Rice)
Spaces of Flat and Normal Chains and Cochains

Augusto Ponce (Louvain)
Sobolev spaces into manifolds: a toolbox

Tristan Rivière (ETH Zürich)
The variations of Yang-Mills Lagrangian

The lectures’ abstracts are available here

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