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Dear Colleague,

We would like to draw your attention to two 1-year postdoc positions
(assegni di ricerca) based at the Department of Mathematics and
Physics of the University of Roma Tre.

The first position is focused on Mathematical Physics, more
specifically on many-body quantum mechanics and effective
theories for condensed matter systems, and it is funded through the
FIR grant COND-MATH ("Condensed Matter in
Physics", principal investigator: Michele Correggi, website www.cond-math.it).
Contact person: M. Correggi michele.correggi at gmail.com

The second position, funded  through the joint project Roma Tre-Marseille
"HYPATIE A*MIDEX", has a wider focus and it is open to candidates with a
strong background either in Probability Theory (random matrices, random
graphs, interacting particle systems, Markov chains) and/or  Mathematical
Physics (mathematical statistical physics, dynamical systems and quantum
mechanics). The local group in Roma Tre active in the above topics include
P. Caputo, G. Gentile, A. Giuliani, F. Martinelli, A. Pellegrinotti and E.
Scoppola. For this position the detailed research project will be agreed on
with the team members.
Contact person: A. Giuliani giuliani at mat.uniroma3.it

Both appointments are for 1 year, starting at the beginning of 2016. The
calls will be opened in October 2015 and the examinations of the cv's and
the interviews will take place in November/December 2015.

Please forward the above information to potentially interested candidates.
Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Pietro Caputo,
Michele Correggi,
Guido Gentile,
Alessandro Giuliani,
Fabio Martinelli,
Alessandro Pellegrinotti,
Elisabetta Scoppola

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