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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Scilla, Oliviero, Magnani, Buttazzo, Le Donne, Rizzi, Mari , Farina, Guarino, Valdinoci, Mongodi, Barilari, Agrachev
* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Barchiesi, Ambrosio, Magnani, Mondino, Catino, Rajala, Farina, Riviere, Fusco, Pisante, Mongodi, Ghezzi, Capriani, Mal?

--- New Papers ---

* Scilla: Motion of discrete interfaces in low-contrast periodic media

* Le Donne, Magnani: Measure of submanifolds in the Engel group

* Agrachev, Barilari, Rizzi: The curvature: a variational approach 

* Buttazzo, Guarino, Oliviero: Optimal location problems with routing cost

* Mongodi: Some applications of metric currents to complex analysis

* Farina, Mari , Valdinoci: Splitting theorems, symmetry results and overdetermined problems for Riemannian manifolds

--- Modified Papers ---

* Magnani: Area implies coarea

* Catino: Critical metrics of the $L^2$-norm of the scalar curvature

* Mondino: The conformal Willmore Functional: a perturbative approach

* Magnani, Rajala: Radon-Nikodym property and area formula for Banach homogeneous  group targets

* Ambrosio, Di Marino: Equivalent definitions of $BV$ space and of total variation on metric measure spaces

* Mondino, Riviere: Immersed Spheres of Finite Total Curvature into Manifolds

* Magnani, Mal?, Mongodi: A low rank property and nonexistence of higher dimensional horizontal Sobolev sets

* Farina: A Bernstein-type result for the minimal surface equation

* Ambrosio, Ghezzi, Magnani: $BV$ functions and sets of finite perimeters in sub-Riemannian manifolds

* Barchiesi, Capriani, Fusco, Pisante: Stability of Polya-Szego inequality for log-concave functions

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