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Daniele Castorina castorin at mat.uniroma2.it
Tue Jun 18 13:56:04 CEST 2013

Cari amici,

ecco a voi il prossimo seminario di ED a Tor Vergata:

    Martedi' 28 Giugno 2013, h 14:30, Aula D' Antoni

    Simon Brendle (Stanford University, USA)

    "Ricci flow and the sphere theorem in Riemannian geometry."

    In 1926, Hopf showed that every compact, simply connected manifold
    with constant curvature 1 is isometric to the standard round sphere.
    Motivated by this result, Hopf posed the question whether a compact,
    simply connected manifold with sufficiently pinched curvatured must
    be a sphere topologically. This question has been studied by many
    authors during the past decades, a milestone being the topological
    sphere theorem of Berger and Klingenberg. I will discuss the history
    of this problem and sketch the proof of the Differentiable Sphere
    Theorem (obtained in joint work with Schoen in 2007). The proof
    relies on the Ricci flow method pioneered by Richard Hamilton.

Daniele Castorina
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