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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Cavalletti, Kinnunen, Brasco, Marola, Shanmugalingam, Korte, Lindgren, Westdickenberg, Mondino, Nguyen, Parini
* Modified papers by: DeSimone, Scilla, Gigli, Zwicknagl, Mazzieri, Nitsch, Brasco, Mantegazza, Petrache, Catino, Magni, Barchiesi, Pratelli, Goldman, Tsatis

--- New Papers ---

* Kinnunen, Korte, Marola, Shanmugalingam: A characterization of BMO self-maps of a metric measure space

* Brasco, Lindgren, Parini: The fractional Cheeger problem

* Mondino, Nguyen: A Gap Theorem for Willmore Tori and an application to the Willmore Flow

* Cavalletti: Decomposition of geodesics in the Wasserstein space and the globalization problem

* Cavalletti, Westdickenberg: The polar cone of the set of monontone maps

--- Modified Papers ---

* Brasco, Nitsch, Pratelli: On the boundary of the attainable set of the Dirichlet spectrum

* Magni, Mantegazza, Tsatis: Flow by Mean Curvature inside a Moving Ambient Space

* Gigli, Mantegazza: A Flow Tangent to the Ricci Flow via Heat Kernels and Mass Transport

* Catino, Mantegazza, Mazzieri: Locally Conformally Flat Ancient Ricci Flows

* Brasco, Petrache: A continuous model of transportation revisited

* Goldman, Zwicknagl: Scaling law and reduced models for epitaxially strained crystalline films

* Scilla: Variational problems with percolation: rigid spin systems

* Barchiesi, DeSimone: Frank energy for nematic elastomers: a nonlinear model

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