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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

Weekly bulletin of http://cvgmt.sns.it/

--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Garroni, DeSimone, Baroni, Mondino, Ponsiglione, De Luca, Riviere, Alicandro, Barchiesi
* Modified papers by: Palatucci, Savin, Valdinoci

--- New Papers ---

* Mondino, Riviere: A frame energy for immersed tori and applications to regular homotopy classes

* Alicandro, De Luca, Garroni, Ponsiglione: Metastability and dynamics  of discrete topological singularities in two dimensions: a $\Gamma$-convergence approach

* Baroni: Nonlinear parabolic equations with Morrey data

* Barchiesi, DeSimone: Frank energy for nematic elastomers: a nonlinear model

--- Modified Papers ---

* Palatucci, Savin, Valdinoci: Local and global minimizers for a variational energy involving a fractional norm

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