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School in Geometric Analysis: "Geometric Analysis on Riemannian and singular metric spaces"


Date: Monday, Sep 30, 2013 -- Friday, Oct  4, 2013

Place: Como, Italy

The school aims at introducing Ph.D. students and young researchers to some important aspects and recent developements of Geometric Analysis both in the Riemannian and in the singular setting. The school will consist of 4 courses, ranging from 3 to 5 hours each, which will be held by world-leading experts in the field. Lectures will be at the Ph.D level. A few satellite seminars may be devoted to more advanced topics. Some of the students and young researchers attending the school will have the opportunity to give 30-minutes talks. A poster section will be also available. 

For further information, please visit the web page of the school (see the link below).

Scientific Commitee: G. Besson, S. Pigola, A. G. Setti, M. Troyanov.

Organizing Commitee: D. Impera, S. Pigola, M. Rimoldi, A. G. Setti, D. Valtorta, G. Veronelli.

Invited Speakers: S. Alexander, G. Carron, U. Lang, A. Neves

Web Page: http://www.complexcomolake.it/geometricanalysis/

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