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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

Weekly bulletin of http://cvgmt.sns.it/

--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Savar?, Massaccesi, Ambrosio, Buttazzo, Gigli, Marchese, Ruffini, Velichkov, De Philippis, Figalli, Louet
* Modified papers by: Davini, Mondino, Barrios, Bonnotte, De Philippis, Valdinoci, Riviere, Figalli, Charro, Di Castro, Maximo

--- New Papers ---

* Buttazzo, Ruffini, Velichkov: Shape Optimization Problems for Metric Graphs

* Marchese, Massaccesi: Steiner tree problem revisited through rectifiable $G$-currents

* Ambrosio, Gigli, Savar?: Bakry-Emery curvature-dimension condition and Riemannian Ricci curvature bounds

* De Philippis, Figalli: Partial regularity for optimal transport maps

* Louet: Some results on Sobolev spaces with respect to a measure and applications to a new transport problem

--- Modified Papers ---

* Davini: On calibrations for Lawson's cones

* Charro, De Philippis, Di Castro, Maximo: On the Aleksandrov-Bakelman-Pucci estimate for the infinity Laplacian

* Bonnotte: From Knothe?s Rearrangement to Brenier?s Optimal Transport Map

* Barrios, Figalli, Valdinoci: Bootstrap regularity for integro-differential operators and its application to nonlocal minimal surfaces

* Mondino, Riviere: Willmore Spheres in Compact Riemannian Manifolds

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