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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Mongodi, Gigli, Riviere, Mosconi, Mondino
* Modified papers by: Mondino, Brasco, Savin, Dipierro, Pratelli, Cinti, Schygulla , Franzina, Valdinoci, Palatucci, Di Castro

--- New Papers ---

* Mongodi: Positive metric currents and holomorphic chains in Hilbert spaces

* Gigli, Mosconi: The Abresch-Gromoll inequality in a non-smooth setting

* Gigli, Mondino: A PDE approach to nonlinear potential theory in metric measure spaces

* Mondino, Riviere: Willmore Spheres in Compact Riemannian Manifolds

* Mondino, Riviere: Immersed Spheres of Finite Total Curvature into Manifolds

* Mondino: The Willmore and other $L^p$-curvature functionals in Riemannian manifolds

--- Modified Papers ---

* Brasco, Franzina: On the Hong-Krahn-Szego inequality for the $p-$Laplace operator

* Palatucci, Savin, Valdinoci: Local and global minimizers for a variational energy involving a fractional norm

* Mondino, Schygulla : Existence of immersed spheres minimizing curvature functionals in non-compact 3-manifolds

* Di Castro, Palatucci: Measure data problems, lower order terms and interpolation effects

* Dipierro, Palatucci, Valdinoci: Existence and symmetry results for a Schr?dinger type problem involving the fractional Laplacian

* Di Castro, Palatucci: Nonlinear parabolic problems with lower order terms and related integral estimates

* Cinti, Pratelli: The $\varepsilon-\varepsilon^\beta$ property, the boundedness of isoperimetric sets in $\mathbb R^N$ with density, and some applications

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