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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Gigli, Kang, Mainini, March, Mantegazza
* Modified papers by: Dragoni, Cavalletti, Magnani, Brasco, Braides, Jerrard, Soner, Bardi, Baldo, Yip, Franzina, Solci, Scienza, Bianchini, Mannucci, Orlandi, Causin

--- New Papers ---

* Gigli, Mantegazza: A Flow Tangent to the Ricci Flow via Heat Kernels and Mass Transport

* Kang, March: Existence and regularity of minimizers of a functional for unsupervised multiphase segmentation

* Mainini: On the signed porous medium flow

--- Modified Papers ---

* Bianchini, Cavalletti: The Monge Problem For Distance Cost In Geodesic Spaces

* Bardi: Explicit solutions of some Linear-Quadratic Mean Field Games

* Brasco, Franzina: On the Hong-Krahn-Szego inequality for the $p-$Laplace operator

* Bardi, Mannucci: Comparison Principles and Dirichlet problem for fully nonlinear degenerate equations of Monge-Amp?re type

* Braides, Causin, Solci: Interfacial energies on quasicrystals

* Magnani, Scienza: Characterizations of differentiability for h-convex functions in stratified groups

* Braides, Yip: A quantitative description of mesh dependence for the discretization of singularly perturbed non-convex problems

* Bardi, Dragoni: Convexity and semiconvexity along vector fields

* Baldo, Jerrard, Orlandi, Soner: Convergence of Ginzburg-Landau functionals in 3-d superconductivity

* Braides, Solci: Multi-scale free-discontinuity problems with soft inclusions

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