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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

Weekly bulletin of http://cvgmt.sns.it/

--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Bouchut, Yezzi, Mennucci, Lorent, Bardelli, Crippa, Figalli, Colombo
* Modified papers by: Ambrosio, Morandotti, Lorent, Veneroni, Choksi, Schmidt

--- New Papers ---

* Bardelli, Colombo, Mennucci, Yezzi: Multiple Object Tracking via Prediction and Filtering with a Sobolev-type Metric on Curves

* Lorent: Differential inclusions, non-absolutely convergent integrals and the first theorem of complex analysis

* Bouchut, Crippa: Lagrangian flows for vector fields with  gradient given by a singular integral

* Figalli: Sobolev regularity for the Monge-Amp?re equation, with application to the semigeostrophic equations

--- Modified Papers ---

* Lorent: On functions whose symmetric part of gradient agree and a generalization of Reshetnyak's compactness theorem

* Ambrosio, Schmidt: Compactness results for normal currents and the Plateau problem in dual Banach spaces

* Choksi, Morandotti, Veneroni: Global minimizers for axisymmetric multiphase membranes

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