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Subject: CVGMT weekly bulletin

Weekly bulletin of http://cvgmt.sns.it/

--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Gigli, Brasco, Carlier, Rajala, Maas, Paolini, Sturm, Stepanov
* Modified papers by: Cesaroni, Lussardi, Novaga, Pinamonti, Maggi, Bottauscio, Manzin , Eleuteri, Figalli, Chiad? Piat

--- New Papers ---

* Gigli, Maas: Gromov-Hausdorff convergence of discrete transportation metrics

* Rajala, Sturm: Non-branching geodesics and optimal maps in strong $CD(K,\infty)$-spaces

* Brasco, Carlier: On certain anisotropic elliptic equations arising in congested optimal transport: local gradient bounds

* Paolini, Stepanov: Structure of metric cycles and normal one-dimensional currents

--- Modified Papers ---

* Bottauscio, Chiad? Piat, Eleuteri, Lussardi, Manzin : Determination of the equivalent anisotropy properties of polycrystalline magnetic materials: theoretical aspects and numerical analysis

* Figalli, Maggi: On the isoperimetric problem for radial log-convex densities

* Cesaroni, Novaga, Pinamonti: One-dimensional symmetry for semilinear equations with unbounded drift

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