[CvGmt News] Seminar/25 January/14:30

Valentino Magnani magnani at dm.unipi.it
Thu Jan 12 14:19:21 CET 2006

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that

 .on  Wednesday 25 January 
 .at 14:30 
 .in ``Sala delle Riunioni'' of the Mathematics Department

  Scott Pauls,
  from Dartmouth College (U.S.)

  will speak of 
  "Constant mean curvature surfaces in sub-Riemannian geometry"

  The abstract follows:

In 1996, Garofalo and Nhieu showed the existence of
solutions to the Plateau Problem in the setting of sub-Riemannian
spaces, beginning close to a decade of sustained investigation of
minimal surfaces in sub-Riemannian spaces.  In this talk, we will
focus on a first example, the sub-Riemannian Heisenberg group,
to describe the current state of knowledge.  While smooth minimal
surfaces have some remarkable rigidity properties, we will discuss new
constructions of minimal surfaces of lower regularity, some of which
can be shown to be minimizers.  If time permits, we will discuss
extensions of these ideas to the minimal surface problem in the
roto-translation group which has direct application to a model of the
function of the first layer of the visual cortex (due to G. Citti and
A. Sarti) and to recent digital inpainting algorithms (due to
L. Ambrosio and S. Masnou).

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