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> Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio De Giorgi
> Avviso di ciclo di lezioni del Prof. C. Bardos
> TITOLO:  "Beliefs and Theorems for Fluid Mechanics"
> To try to reach a convenient overview of the state of the art I intend 
> in these three lectures to produce a mixture of both very formal 
> constructions and rigourous theorems. Therefore I will follow the 
> following schedule.
>   Monday,  October 18, 16h30-18h30:  Aula Fermi Description of the 
> hierarchy of equations from the Hamiltonian systems of Newton Mechanic 
> to models of turbulence, with in between the Boltzmann and Navier Stokes 
> equations. No proof of convergence is  given but the classical 
> parameters of fluid mechanic are introduced and the role of entropy is 
> emphasised.
> Tuesday, October 19,  16h30-18h30:  Aula Bianchi This lecture is devoted 
> to the theorems concerning the incompressible Euler Equation. Local 
> existence with smooth initial data in 3d,
>  Global existence and uniqueness in 2d with initial bounded vorticity,
>  Propagation of regularity in 2d  with the pair dispersion formula and 
> in 3d  with the Beale Kato Majda Kozono criteria and the Constantin 
> Fefferman criteria.
>  Arnold stability criteria for stationary solutions.
>  Open problems in particular weak limit of 2d solutions either with 
> oscillating initial data or with vanishing viscosity and no slip 
> boundary condition ( Kato criteria and Grenier instability.)
>  Wednesday October 20, 18h30-19h30: Aula Fermi  I describe tools used 
> for the macroscopic limit of the Kinetic equations with the hope that 
> they may be used also for other purpose. The averaging lemma of Golse 
> Lions Perthame and Sentis and its L1 extension. The notion of 
> dissipative solution for the incompressible Euler equation application 
> to the incompressible limit of the Boltzmann equation.
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