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Wed Sep 24 17:45:04 CEST 2003

Assegno di Ricerca presso l'Universita' di Pisa
   Ricordo   che   il   prossimo  6  ottobre  scade  il  termine  per  la
   presentazione  delle domande (fa fede il timbro postale) per l'assegno
   di  ricerca  in CALCOLO DELLE VARIAZIONI presso l'Universita' di Pisa.
   Il bando si trova all'indirizzo indicato qui sotto.

   The  deadline  for  the post-doc position in Calculus of Variations at
   the  University of Pisa is October 6. All details for applications can
   be found at the page below (but unfortunately are written in Italian).
   Anybody  seriuosly interested can contact Giovanni Alberti or Giuseppe
   Buttazzo  for  more  detailed  instructions.  Here  are  the essential

   1) durations: 1 year, renewable for 1 more year.

   2) amount: 13.000 EU per year. No taxes, but you must have some health
   insurance.  In  principle,  it is possible to cumulate this fellowship
   with others from abroad...

   3)  period:  starts  from  the  beginning of the first month after the
   completion of the evaluation procedure. Probably January 2004.

   4)  Deadline for application: OCTOBER 6 (applications should be mailed
   by that date).

Reference: http://www.unipi.it/ateneo/bandi/assegni/bandicof/6ott2003/index.htm

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