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New papers were added to the CvGmt Preprint Server - http://cvgmt.sns.it/

Title: Some results on partial differential equations and Asian options
Author: Barucci, E.
Author: Polidoro, S.
Author: Vespri, Vincenzo

Title: Second order energies on thin structures: variational theory and non-local effects
Author: Bouchitt\'e, Guy
Author: Fragal\`a, Ilaria

Title:  Homogenization of second order energies on periodic thin structures
Author: Bouchitt\'e, Guy 
Author: Fragal\`a, Ilaria
Author: Rajesh, M.

Title: A Semilinear integrodifferential  inverse problem
Author: Colombo, Fabrizio
Author: Vespri, Vincenzo

Title: On the role of energy convexity in the web function approximation
Author: Crasta, Graziano
Author: Fragal\`a, Ilaria
Author: Gazzola, Filippo

Title: Uniqueness of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations arising in the Calculus of Variations
Author: Dal Maso, Gianni
Author: Frankowska, Helene

Title: Variational Methods for Discontinuous Structures
Author: Dal Maso, Gianni
Author: Tomarelli, Franco

Title: Homogenized thin structures: optimal bounds
Author: Fragal\`a, Ilaria

Title: A duality approach for variational problems in domains with cracks
Author: Ebobisse,Francois
Author: Ponsiglione,Marcello

Title: Generation of analytic semigroups for degenerate  elliptic operators arising in financial mathematics
Author: Gozzi, Fausto
Author: Monte, Roberto
Author: Vespri, Vincenzo

Title: Local Minimizers for a Free Gradient Discontinuity Problem in Image Segmentation
Author: Carriero, Michele
Author: Leaci, Antonio
Author: Tomarelli, Franco 

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