[CvGmt News] New Papers

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Tue Dec 10 00:17:01 CET 2002

New papers were added to the CvGmt Preprint Server - http://cvgmt.sns.it/

Title: Endpoint estimates and weighted norm inequalities for commutators of fractional integrals
Author: Cruz-Uribe, David
Author: Fiorenza, Alberto

Title: The maximal function on variable $L^p$ spaces
Author: Cruz-Uribe, David
Author: Fiorenza, Alberto
Author: Neugebauer, Christopher J

Title: Regularity and Comparison Results in Grand Sobolev Spaces for Parabolic Equations with Measure Data
Author: Fiorenza, Alberto
Author: Mercaldo, Anna
Author: Rakotoson, Jean Michel

Title: Orlicz capacities and applications to some existence questions for elliptic PDEs having measure data
Author: Fiorenza, Alberto
Author: Prignet, Alain

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