Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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F. Santambrogio

Models and applications of Optimal Transport in Economics, Traffic and Urban Planning

created by santambro on 04 Mar 2010
modified on 27 Nov 2014


Published Paper

Inserted: 4 mar 2010
Last Updated: 27 nov 2014

Journal: chapter in "Optimal Transportation, theory and applications", London Math. Soc.
Year: 2014

Proceedings of the summer school "Optimal transport: Theory and applications"


These lecture notes present the main issues and ideas of some variational problems that use or touch the theory of Optimal Transportation. They all come from economic-oriented applications. Problems are presented through the main ideas, with almost no proofs, at a very informal level of presentation.

Keywords: Traffic congestion, urban planning, Wardrop equilibria, principal-agent problem, general equilibrium, Hotelling problem, local functional on measures


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