Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

H. Shum - M. Zoppello - M. Astwood - M. Morandotti

Control of Microparticles Through Hydrodynamic Interactions

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Inserted: 11 jun 2024

Year: 2024

ArXiv: 2406.05235 PDF


The controllability of passive microparticles that are advected with the fluid flow generated by an actively controlled one is studied. The particles are assumed to be suspended in a viscous fluid and well separated so that the far-field Stokes flow solutions may be used to describe their interactions. Applying concepts from geometric control theory, explicit moves characterized by a small amplitude parameter $\varepsilon$ are devised to prove that the active particle can control one or two passive particles. The leading-order (in $\varepsilon$) theoretical predictions of the particle displacements are compared with those obtained numerically and it is found that the discrepancy is small even when $\varepsilon\approx 1$. These results demonstrate the potential for a single actuated particle to perform complex micromanipulations of passive particles in a suspension.