Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. Bevilacqua - C. Lonati - L. Lussardi - A. Marzocchi

A variational analysis of nematic axisymmetric films: the covariant derivative case

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Year: 2024

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Nematic surfaces are thin fluid structures, ideally two-dimensional, endowed with an in-plane nematic order. In 2012, two variational models have been introduced by Giomi 10 and by Napoli and Vergori 27,26. Both penalize the area of the surface and the gradient of the director: in 10 the covariant derivative of the director is considered, while 26 deals with the surface gradient. In this paper, a complete variational analysis of the model proposed by Giomi is performed for revolution surfaces spanning two coaxial rings.